Bros Stables

Through our website we want to share our passion for trotters with you!Bros Stables operates in the area of breeding trotters, through our broodmares.

Since years we are infected by the famous trotter-virus. The origin of our passion lies with our father, Evert v.d. Klij.

After the careful purchase of our first racehorse we extend our hobby to more then just a hobby.Currently we own several racehorses, high class broodmares, all bred from rich and succesful international bloodlines, yearlings and several foals.

Now we think it's time to structure our hobby in to a more business like operation.We hope you will enjoy our website and we will meet eachother at the racetrack and the anual yearling auction!

Regards,Stefan and Danny v.d. Klij


" The Bros Stables Yearlings "

Check out our yearlings and discover your new trotter!


Lee Harvey Bros (🇸🇪) SOLD to Stall Timo Nurmos


sire: Readly Express

mare: Passionata Face

mothers sire: Muscle Hill

date of birth: 24-04-2018

gender: stallion

studbook: Swedish


lot no.:




Lady Bros (🇩🇪) SOLD to Mr. R. Nijgh


sire: Trixton

mare: Margot Bi

mothers sire: Toss Out

date of birth: 15-03-2018

gender: mare

studbook: German


lot no.:




Lumberjack Bros (🇸🇪) SOLD to Stall Timo Nurmos


sire: Chocolatier

mare: Yankee Amour

mothers sire: Muscles Yankee

date of birth: 06-05-2018

gender: stallion

studbook: Swedish


lot no.:




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